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Hydralift Motorcycle Carrier Lifts


Easy Loading Motorcycle Lift

With the Hydralift motorcycle lift for your motorhome unique design the loading ramp will drop almost flush with the ground allowing you to roll your motorcycle on and off at Ground Level. Hydralift makes it easy and safer for you to load your motorcycle by yourself which means no more waiting around for that helping hand to try to push your motorcycle up an incline of ramps. Simply roll your motorcycle on or off at ground level.

Hydralift also offers a series of options to simplify and aid in securing and loading your motorcycle see:

  • TDF32 Forward Tie Down for motorcycles with farings.
  • HLWC39 Front Wheel Chock helping to support your motorcycle without kick stand.
  • HL2608 Dual Loop Soft Tie Downs allows many options for use with this tie down.


Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Not Gear or Cable Driven

Hydralift is a real hydraulic powered lift. Hydralift does not use cables, winches or pulleys Hydralift uses smooth operating hydraulics that are specially designed for the RV industry providing the most lifting capacity of any other power-lift on the market. Hydraulics also provide the most reliable, dependable and safest lifting method on earth!

No dragging in & out of driveways!

The Hydralift Motorcycle Lift mounts and lifts higher than any power lift on the market, providing added security and valuable ground clearance.

The easy way to transport your bike & car, boat or trailer

Only Hydralift tows from the RV’s frame and not from the back of a ramp or platform. Towing from the frame you increase towing weights to 8,000 lbs, and provide for tongue weights to 500 lbs.

Automatic Locking System

Hydralift provides a automatic locking system for your RV motorcycle lift. You do not need to have the hassle of us manual pins and clips or bolts every time you lift or lower your motorcycle lift. With your Hydralift motorcycle lift for your RV it is automatically locked and single lever to release.



5th Wheel Motorcycle Carrier Lift

Hydralift's Specialty Built Motorcycle Lift for a 5th Wheel

Hydralift has worked together with 5th wheel chassis manufacturers to develop a specially designed motorcycle lift exclusive for the 5th wheel chassis. Hydralift uses a one piece welded body that is strong but lightweight utilizing a tube frame design that is powered by 12v operating our new generation hydraulics. Hydralift's design along with its hydraulic system not only provides you with the most powerful power-lift but Hydralift is also the lightest power-lift on the market!

Hydralift's 5th wheel lift is designed to fit chassis between 32"- 88' wide. With most 5th wheel lift installs a frame reinforcement is necessary along with the proper recommended pin box (Demco's Glide Ride or MOR/Ryde's pin box or equivalent). The Hydralift 5th wheel motorcycle lift can be mounted on some, not all 5th wheel trailers. Every 5th wheel application is a custom fit application. The Hydralift's lifting capacity is restricted to the 5th wheel's GVWR as to the available chassis carrying capacity. For further information contact your Hydralift installing dealer.

If you are in the market for a new 5th wheel, request a Hydralift 5th wheel motorcycle lift from your RV dealer as an option on your new 5th wheel purchase.

Hydralift recommends the following 5th wheel manufacturers for a preinstalled Hydralift 5th wheel lift on your next new 5th wheel:

EXCEL 5th Wheels - DRV Suites - New Horizon RV

Some 5th wheels may have an excessive rear overhang that would prevent the addition of a rear motorcycle lift.

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